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[Solved] Advertisement rules and guidelines

Kalimba Advocate Admin

KalimbaForum does NOT want to subject it's members and guests to unsolicited advertising.

  • Posting links to your website is strictly forbidden without the approval of the Forum Administrators (please contact us at or message @admin using the Forum's Private Message function)

We allow other Kalimba Brands to promote their business and their products on the Forum. If you wish to do so, kindly post a new topic about your brand in the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum.

If you are a Kalimba company/brand, please do NOT use any other forum other than the Buy/Sell/Trade Forum to advertise or promote your business, services, or product. Advertisements which are NOT Kalimba related are NOT permitted. Such posts will be deleted, and the accounts will be subjected to a temporary or permanent ban. Mentioning your business in your signature is allowed.

KalimbaForum reserves the right to change the Advertisement rules and guidelines at any time.

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Topic starter Posted : 17/12/2020 3:43 am
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